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The bag is a fashion accessory that most often worn by women. It is something extremely useful. In it you can store the objects you want to be always around you - make-up, hair brushes, documents wallet. But the bag is not only useful, it can be an indispensable addition to your outfit. You may encounter a variety of models, with short and long handles, type purse and others. Here you will find a wide variety of casual, elegant and sport styles handbags. Sports models are made of leather or textiles. They are comfortable to wear. Their size is an average of 40 cm tall, 30 cm wide, and there are larger. one of the brands that you will find in us Tendenz. They are known for their quality products and style. The colors are varied. We will satisfy your every desire - from the most modern and worn colors to more extravagant patterns and animal patterns. Models elegant bags we offer are made of leather and are suitable for all formal occasions and gatherings. They fit great in any official outfit and will certainly be noticed by all. The handle has a length of about 100 centimeters and can be made of fabric or chain. These models are smaller than daily and sports bags. They will make you irresistible and sexy in the eyes of others. Experiment with some of our models and you will be pleasantly surprised! You'll see a wide variety of women's casual bags. They are suitable for any lady hurried and will certainly be a useful addition to clothing. Most models are made of leather, you may find such textiles. With sufficiently large dimensions to fit all documents and things needed for a working lady. The quality of all products is guaranteed, especially for you - our customers do and discounts of 10 percent or more when buying. Delivery is free for the whole country! Take advantage of our suggestions!
Women's black bag 15706
Women's red bag 82110
Women's bag color ecru 82151
Women's yellow bag 82161
Ladies brown bag 8295
Women's small leather bag with long strap EmiSmall1
Women's white bag 826
Women's ecru backpack 9989
Women's white bag 82112-1
Women's yellow bag 82112
Women's yellow bag 0152
Lady purse light brown 8288
Women's yellow purse snake print 8284-3
Women's Black Purse Snake Print 8284-2
Women's purse color powder 8288-1
Women's Red Purse Snake Print 8284-1
Women's burgundy leather bag 19267
Women's beige croco print leather bag 19266
Women's silver leather bag 19265
Natural light brown leather bag 33819