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Ladies casual shoes

In the category Ladies shoes in our online shop BG-Look offer some of the nicest ladies shoes, which are distinguished by particularly girlish look. These shoes are suitable mainly for the dynamic life of the woman who needs more comfort and a sleek appearance. Ladies shoes are always a flat sole for easier entry and staying with them. Most models casual shoes and here we offer brand Tendenz, which will surely fascinate you with their models. Most casual shoes with colorful patterns and bright colors, suitable for spring time for which they are intended. Many of them have a stylish design, but as everyday shoes remain more simple in every respect. Ladies shoes you can find us in a sporty style, made of textiles, which brings real convenience for everyday life. They are also lighter and more youthful colors. They are suitable for any walk - with friends in the park or to the shops on Saturday. Ladies shoes in more elegant version are decorated with various stylish elements such as ribbons, flowers and other floral motifs. Most often casual shoes are in the style of so-called. ballerinas. These are very low flat shoes as shoes that fold legs everywhere and are so light that you feel that you step on the clouds. Just so are casual shoes to wear always comfort and convenience to everyday woman. And even if you're one of those women who love elegant and high heels even everyday, my advice as a woman with experience in uncomfortable shoes, always have on hand and spare casual shoes - be it in the car or in his huge bag. They are so practical, compact and lightweight, it can be always with you when needed.
Women's black suede leather mocassins 19234
Women's blue suede leather mocassins 19233
Women's mustard suede leather mocassins 19232
Black ladies sneakers combined with black lacquer md
Black ladies sneakers with snake print md
Ladies elegant shoes with ribbon MD
Women's black leather trainers with satin ties and bee decoration 34181
Women's white leather trainers with satin ties and bee decorations 34182
Women's black leather trainers with drawn print leather 34183
Women's black leather trainers with pink ties 34178
Women's black leather trainers with yellow ties 34179
Women's black leather trainers with red satin ties 34180
Women's black leather trainers with satin ties 34177
Women's black leather shoes 33914
Women's white leather trainers with decoration 33912
Women's leather trainers with cactuses decoration 33913
Women's yellow shoes with orange ties 33892
Women's leather trainers 33839
Women's casual powder colour leather shoes 33750
Women's casual black leather shoes 33751