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This type of appliance belongs to small white goods and is something to be present in every home. In our online store you can find a wide variety of electric kettle models for water. Why is this gear so useful ?! Quite often, time does not happen to us, and thanks to our electric kettle models you will be able to heat up coffee, tea or whatever you need in no time. All the jugs have an incredible and luxurious design that will surely impress you. Most often the amount that this household assistant can accommodate is about 2 liters. We do not recommend using it to heat water other than water, since the heaters are at the bottom and are hot. Most models have an automatic shutdown system that makes them extremely safe! Some models also have a filter that cleans the water, and you can clean it when needed. The power of each kettle is different, it can be 2000 W, 2200 W, 2400 W, etc. Many of the models are made of stainless or satin steel, plastic, and more. They are all of really good materials that will surely serve you for a long time. Quality is undoubtedly true, and only now we offer you unique low prices that will surely appeal to you. One of the big brands whose name you will meet in our online store is Russell Hobbs. The logo of each brand is stylishly engraved on the electric water jugs. This unique helper is really needed in every kitchen. So make your daily life easier and order now! How to order ?! With just one mouse click and now you will have the desired device. We make delivery to anywhere in the country, and for your convenience you can choose at which time the goods will be delivered to you.
Russell Hobbs 18554-70 Brita Purity Kettle
Russell Hobbs 20090-70 Oxford Kettle
Russell Hobbs 19600-70 Desire Kettle