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Bracelets Ladies' jewelry made of silver and semi-precious stones. Freshwater pearl bracelets.
Silver bracelate MR2778B Swan
Silver bracelate with zircons MR2445B Swan
Silver bracelate ribbon with zircons JT8301B Swan
Bracelate silver and gold palted with zircons JT8299B Swan
Silver bracelate with zircons JT8292B Swan
Silver bracelate with zircons JT7709B Swan
Women's silver bracelate in the shape of the infinity sign JT030B Swan
Silver bracelate with fresh water white pearls and zircons FN562W Swan
Silver bracelate with pink pearls and zircons FN562BR Swan
Silver bracelet with zircons JT7352B Swan
Bracelet With Leather Elements, Horn, Ebony, Copper Chain Dannyra Jewels
Bracelet With Leather Elements, Swarovski Crystal, Copper Chain Dannyra Jewels
Bracelet 2 rows coral Dannyra Jewels
Delicate Design Bracelet Made of Corals Dannyra Jewels
19 cm Bracelet Silver gipsy Dannyra Jewels
Multicolour Pearl Bracelet 20 cm Cacophony Dannyra Jewels
17 cm Bracelet Egypt Dannyra Jewels
Stylish Bracelet with Leather Pandants Dannyra Jewels
Stylish Bracel with Leathre Pandants and S
Stylish Bracelet with Leather Dannyra Jewels