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Plus size dresses

The dress is always in the center of ladies fashion maxi toalet.V section we have available in 80 models dresses in larger sizes. Diversity, is great dresses with wide sleeves sized dresses tunic dress with shawl collar ladies maxi dress with applique and sets which have included a dress. The color range is also wide-from-earth and neutral colors in the autumn winter women to multicolored fabrics in bright colors in spring summer. Maxi dresses in clothing are fully consistent with customer needs - in most cases, are made in sizes of customers. Shop plus size clothing and apparel BG-LOOK.COM always has to meet the requirements of customers with custom razmeri.Zapovyadayte with us and you will get full service and guaranteed quality purchases.
Maxi dress with scarf in black and decoration Ilina
Maxi dress tunic with flower decoration Ilina
Maxi dresses in gray color denim decorated with flowers Ilina
Maxi dress with round neckline and hand decoration Ilina Fashion
Maxi dress summer with hand-painted decoration Ilina Fashion
Maxi dress long decoration circles Ilina fashion
Maxi dress long white decorated Ilina fashion
Maxi dress blue color with stamped walnut leaf Ilina Fashion
Maxi dress hand-painted cotton Ilina Fashion
Maxi dress with one sleeve lining and lining Ilina fashion
Maxi tulle long dress with ornaments Iliana fashion
Maxi denim dress, asymmetrical with decoration Ilina fashion
Maxi tunic dress from light denim ILINA Fashion
Maxi dress purple color with flowers and lining ILINA Fashion
Set of maxi dress denim and bolero ILINA Fashion
Maxi dress with short sleeves and decoration ILINA Fashion
Maxi dress of tulle mustard color with lining ILINA Fashion
Set of maxi dress with lining and bolero ILINA Fashion
Maxi dress burgundy color with lining ILINA Fashion
Denim maxi dress with flower decoration ILINA Fashion