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Long sleeve dresses

From our shop you can buy dresses with long sleeves at a low price and with the best kachestvo.Tuk can find a wide variety of colors, patterns and prices of dresses with long sleeves. We offer a large catalog from which to choose and find the right dress for you. Here you can find a wide variety of models - dresses tunics, pinafore dresses with wide sleeves or bare back. Here you can find all this and without much effort. Models, which you will find here are design and unique. Have to worry that someone can be the same as your dress with long sleeves. In our shop you can find a wide variety of colors. Here you can find your appropriate color according to the occasion or just the color you like. Looking at our catalog to find and dresses with long sleeves, which are prints. Only with us you have the choice. The fabrics, which are made dresses with long sleeves, good quality. Most of the dresses with long sleeves are made of lace to look irresistible. Choosing the dress that you can see and column support to find out how to protect the longer your dress. With us you can shop constantly. We work around the clock! In our constantly have discounts, so if you want to find something at half price this is the place! We offer you exclusive dresses with long sleeves at a low price and best quality. Only with us you can find everything in one place and at such a low price. Visit us and you will be satisfied. You will get what you have ordered!
Ladies elegant dress in dark blue with stripes 219/5527
Black Lace Evening Dress 71942-970
Black asymmetrical dress with leather front Avangard
Evening dress with blue stripes and a wide cuff Avangard
Evening dress striped with wide cuff Avangard
Evening dress with a wide cuff Avangard
Dress in gray with dropped shoulders and pockets Avangard
Black dress with cap edging Avangard
Dress with a round neck flowers Avangard
Дънкова рокля с шал яка Avangard
Elegant dress with flowers with contrasting cuffs Avangard
Casual dress in beige with edge Avangard
Ladies dress cappuccino color with black stripes Avangard
Dress with long sleeve flowers with lace decoration Avangard
Denim dress with a V-neck Avangard
Ladies dress in black and orange Avangard
Black dress with kinitted front Avangard
Black dress with sequins neck Avangard
Black dress with leather decoration Avangard
Women's black trapeze silhouette dress with pearls decoraion Avangard